Hi 👋

I'm an iOS Developer + UI/UX Designer based in Milan, Italy. Currently building the Neato iPhone app, sometimes travelling around the globe, writing about design and coding while reading everything that lands on my bookshelf. 📚

What I can do

With a mixed background in UI design and software development I can be the intersection between the engineering and design team while being able to bring value to both fields.

I can also help in taking apps from an idea to the first downloading user on the App Store brainstorming, prototyiping, designing and developing the first MVP or 1.0 in both early stage startups with limited resources or well established companies.


When building apps I focus on producing quality code taking care of architecting a solid user experience. Here you can find a list of my most recent apps available on the App Store.


My experience in building digital procucts allows me to scale quickly on new technologies, design languages and working methodologies. I'm currently experimenting with touchless gesture interactions.

The Maker Pubblication

The Maker Pubblication is a private email list where you can find insights on product design, book and reading recommendations and useful resources for anyone that likes to start creating an app or is willing to improve their 'maker' skills.